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Database BfR Recommendations on Food Contact Materials
 Substance Schaltfläche bewirkt, dass Spalte Substance zur primären Sortierspalte wird.
 CAS-No. Schaltfläche bewirkt, dass Spalte CAS-No. zur primären Sortierspalte wird.
Acrylonitrile 000107-13-1 Recommendation
Acrylonitrile co- and graft polymers Recommendation
Acrylic acid 000079-10-7 Recommendation
Alcohols, C4-C16, aliphatic, monohydric, saturated Recommendation
Alkylaryl sulfonates Recommendation
Alkyl phenols Recommendation
Alkyl phenols, sulfatation products Recommendation
Ammonium persulfate 007727-54-0 Recommendation
Azibisisobutyronitrile 000078-67-1 Recommendation
Azodiisovaleric acid nitrile 013472-08-7 Recommendation
Dodecyl mercaptan Recommendation
Potassium peroxydisulfate 007727-21-1 Recommendation
methacrylic acid 000079-41-4 Recommendation
Copolymers of vinylpyrrolidone with esters of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid or with vinylacetate Recommendation
Sodium sulfite 007757-83-7 Recommendation
Organopolysiloxanes, linear or branched, with methyl groups Recommendation
Pentaerithritol-tetrakis-3-mercaptopropionate 007575-23-7 Recommendation
Polyethylene 009002-88-4 Recommendation
Polyethylene oxide adducts of alkylphenols and their sulfatation products Recommendation
Polyvinyl alcohol 009002-89-5 Recommendation
Polyvinyl pyrrolidone 009003-39-8 Recommendation
sulfosuccinic acid 005138-18-1 Recommendation
sulfosuccinic acid esters with alcohols, C4-C16, aliphatic, saturated, monohydric, sodium, potassium and ammonium salts Recommendation
Vinyl acetate 000108-05-4 Recommendation
Vinyl pyrrolidone 000088-12-0 Recommendation
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