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Database BfR Recommendations on Food Contact Materials
 Substance Schaltfläche bewirkt, dass Spalte Substance zur primären Sortierspalte wird.
 CAS-No. Schaltfläche bewirkt, dass Spalte CAS-No. zur primären Sortierspalte wird.
Acetylcyclohexane sulfonyl peroxide 003179-56-4 Recommendation
Acrylic and methacrylic acid ester polymer Recommendation
Alcohols, aliphatic, monohydric Recommendation
Alcohols, aliphatic, polyhydric Recommendation
Alkyl(C1-C4)ester of azodiisobutyric acid Recommendation
Alkyl(C12-C20)sulfonates Recommendation
Azibisisobutyronitrile 000078-67-1 Recommendation
Azodiisobutyric acid Recommendation
Benzoyl peroxide 000094-36-0 Recommendation
Carboxylic acids, C8-C18, even-numbered, saturated, monoprotic, aliphatic, peroxides Recommendation
Cumyl hydroperoxide 000080-15-9 Recommendation
Diisopropyl peroxydicarbonate 000105-64-6 Recommendation
Dinonylphosphate Recommendation
Esters of mercapto-acetic acid with alcohols, mono and polyhydric, aliphatic Recommendation
Mercaptanes, C10-C14, normal and tertiary Recommendation
Mercaptoacetic acid 000068-11-1 Recommendation
Mercaptoethanol 000060-24-2 Recommendation
Methyl-3-mercaptopropionate 002935-90-2 Recommendation
Mono-tert-butylperoxymaleate Recommendation
Disodium dodecyl diphenylether disulfonate 028519-02-0 Recommendation
o-Ethoxy-o'-ethyloxalic acid-bis-anilide 023949-66-8 Recommendation
Polyvinyl alcohols 009002-89-5 Recommendation
Silicon dioxide 007631-86-9 Recommendation
tert-Butyl-perbenzoate 000614-45-9 Recommendation
tert-Butyl-perneodecanoate 026748-41-4 Recommendation
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