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Database BfR Recommendations on Food Contact Materials
 Substance Schaltfläche bewirkt, dass Spalte Substance zur primären Sortierspalte wird.
 CAS-No. Schaltfläche bewirkt, dass Spalte CAS-No. zur primären Sortierspalte wird.
Adipic acid 000124-04-9 Recommendation
Caprolactam 000105-60-2 Recommendation
Cellulose nitrate (nitrocellulose) 009004-70-0 Recommendation
Diethylene glycol 000111-46-6 Recommendation
Diisopropanol amine 000110-97-4 Recommendation
Diphenylmethane-4,4'-diisocyanate 000101-68-8 Recommendation
Epichlorohydrin 000106-89-8 Recommendation
Epoxy compounds, made from (4,4'-dioxy-2,2'-diphenyl)-propane and epichlorohydrin Recommendation
Ethanediol (ethylene glycol) 000107-21-1 Recommendation
Glycerol 000056-81-5 Recommendation
Hexamethylene-1,6-diisocyanate 000822-06-0 Recommendation
Carbonic acid 000124-38-9 Recommendation
Maleic acid 000110-16-7 Recommendation
Copolymers of vinyl chloride and vinylacetate and/or vinylpropionate Recommendation
Phthalic acid 000088-99-3 Recommendation
Polyesterpolyols (= polyester containing terminal hydroxyl groups) Recommendation
Polyetherpolyols (= polyether containing terminal hydroxyl groups) Recommendation
Polythioether polyols Recommendation
Polyurethanes, cross-linked Recommendation
Reaction products, made from toluylene-2,4-diisocyanate and hexamethylene-1,6-diisocyanate by polymerisation Recommendation
Sebacic acid 000111-20-6 Recommendation
Triisopropanol amine 000122-20-3 Recommendation
Trimellitic acid (= benzene-1,2,4-tricarboxylic acid) 000528-44-9 Recommendation
Vinyl acetate 000108-05-4 Recommendation
Vinyl chloride 000075-01-4 Recommendation
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