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Database BfR Recommendations on Food Contact Materials
 Substance Schaltfläche bewirkt, dass Spalte Substance zur primären Sortierspalte wird.
 CAS-No. Schaltfläche bewirkt, dass Spalte CAS-No. zur primären Sortierspalte wird.
Acethydrazide Recommendation
Alcohols, aliphatic, monohydric Recommendation
Alkylaryloxethylates Recommendation
Alkylaryl sulfonates Recommendation
Alkyl(C10-C20)sulfonic acids Recommendation
Aluminium oxide 001344-28-1 Recommendation
Azibisisobutyronitrile 000078-67-1 Recommendation
Benzoyl peroxide 000094-36-0 Recommendation
Calcium oxides 001305-78-8 Recommendation
Diacyl(C8-C12)peroxides Recommendation
Dicyclohexyl peroxydicarbonate 001561-49-5 Recommendation
Diethyl peroxide 000628-37-5 Recommendation
Diisopropyl peroxydicarbonate 000105-64-6 Recommendation
Di-tert-butyl peroxide 000110-05-4 Recommendation
Ethylene 000074-85-1 Recommendation
Ethylene vinylacetate copolymer 024937-78-8 Recommendation
Ethylhexyl peroxidicarbonate Recommendation
Hexamethylene diisocyanate 000822-06-0 Recommendation
Isododecane 031807-55-3 Recommendation
Potassium peroxydisulfate 007727-21-1 Recommendation
Copper, oxides Recommendation
Magnesium oxides 001309-48-4 Recommendation
microcrystalline waxes 063231-60-7 Recommendation
Copolymers of ethylene, propylene, butylene, vinylesters and acids, unsaturated, aliphatic, as well as their salts and esters Recommendation
Phenol 000108-95-2 Recommendation
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